First Sight


Ten Thousand eyes
Of hundred size
One was him and now he is all mine.

Strangers, all started from here.

Then jumped daily routine
Daily see.

Yesterday passed and new day began.
Again a daily routine
Daily see.

I wonder where to search my words;
As they are my only sword.

Then,he came with white shirt and tie
Trust me i will narrate a true story
I won’t lie.

I saw him smiling sitting in the front row
We introduced each other
And he won the show.

Gentle dressed
Beard chin
Serious face
All he had.

The story is long;
Let me narrate,
let my love story;
Turn into a love song.

He won my smile
He won my heart
I didn’t recall his name
Though routine was the same
Daily routine, daily see.

-lyna sora

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