Are they Independent?

With torn clothes on.

Red lipstick and liner

They paint their faces not just to hide their face,but to hide the realities of life.


Life offers life

They have no weapon to fight

But a body for sale to male.


Burried their Courage to fight

Coz! they have seen horrible sight.

What they think themselves, a masterpiece

A Masterpiece of beautiful sketch

Which is hung and portrayed

Not to love nor to kiss

But to later proclaim as a bitch.


Pity her , pity all

For i know a girl

Who sold her soul at ten

Who doesnt know what red colour is?

Is it a nature or a gift of monster???

She now  knows every man not by name but by face.

She knows no calculation but has book of equation

She knows no brands but knows ten thousand perfumes.

It goes on…..

She  now grown up,

She donates her bed to add  a bread

Not to her appetite but for her family.


People see her naked in close doors

She wears no clothes but wears shame

She speaks no words but sings dead-songs.

-Lyna Sora

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