God’s Own Garden ‘ Mawlynnong’

The thing that we being Indians lack is a real clean village. We can found dirt, garbage everywhere almost in every part of India. But there is a place in India where those dirt or garbage’s doesn’t exist here and there, everything is maintained properly in that place and holds the name of “Asia’s Cleanest Village” it’s Mawlynnong, located at the East Khasi Hills District of Meghalaya in North-East India. It is also referred as “God’s own garden”. It is located 90 km away from its state capital city Shillong and is a community based eco-tourism initiative.


In the year 2015 the village has about 120 household. The community has made collective effort to maintain the ambience of a clean village. Surprisingly, the village has hundred percent literacy and most of the villagers are conversant with the English language.  The village offers a number of small tea shops, where you can relish a hot of cup of tea with some snacks.


The village offers picturesque natural beauty such as:-

  • A trek to the living root bridge at a neighbouring village Riwai.


  • The village also offers a sight of natural balancing rock, a strange natural phenomenon of a boulder balancing on another rock.



  • Bamboo Sky walk (85 feet Bamboo structure) which offers a bird’s eye view of the village and a panoramic view of Bangladesh plains.


  • Tree Houses to spend the nights.


This place is for the relaxation, a full loaded village which maintains a proper hygienic nature with no pollution. In short it’s a place where you can relax, chill, and enjoy the beauty of nature.


The best time to visit this place is the summer. As this place is very low connected to the basic luxuries of life, you can book a “Home Stay” by visiting this place. Tourists are always welcomed to this clean village. But the Tourist is request to keep their surroundings clean as it is the Asia’s cleanest village. Also there are various places nearby with the scenic beauty of our Mother Nature. Sometimes I feel Meghalaya is blessed by the Almighty to create such a terrain which i cannot define you have have to visit to explore.  




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