Stairway to Paradise

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”


Dzukou Valley: “Stairway to Paradise”. It is situated between Nagaland and Manipur states, half of the valley does cover Nagaland and half Manipur, still disputes are always fresh regarding this land of Paradise. Kohima is a centre for the trekkers as they could easily get all means of sources needed for the trekking. Guides are difficult to be found, as Nagaland has been declared as a disturbed area in India. It is 25 kilometers away from Kohima the capital of Nagaland. These valleys holding its place in the north border of India. There are many secret stories regarding this valley, many already explored this valley but it is always a wonder that through many other sources, not a clear understanding regarding this place has been mentioned. So in this concern myself an anonymous with new ideas in order to produce many hidden knowledge regarding this valley.

The best season to visit this valley is in the month of April to May as the entire valley is covered with different flowers which cannot be seen in other parts of the world. As it is spring. The other best months is between December to January as the entire valley is covered with ice and snow, producing scenes as in Kashmir, so in other words this Dzukou valley is also called the hidden paradise of dreams.


This valley is divided into two parts, as male and female. Male valley can be climb from Zakhama where trekking would be very tough due to climate challenges, there is one strong reason why the trekkers are encouraged to climb from Zakhama village road, as after reaching the top of the mountain the view is entire different, giving all physical pains a complete relief by the beautiful natural scenes, as the scenes always produces happiness of a mountain climber of Himalayas.

Due to modernization there is another path to this valley and it is from Visweshma village, from Zakhama it might be around 6 hours walking and from Visweshma it might be around 5 hours completely depending on trekkers experiences and strength. As climbing this valley is a challenge to tourists but at the same time it was a fun walking for the locals, through this act of physical standards it can be seen that the north people are always healthy and strong and has lots of stamina at the same time local daily food is as parallel to an athletic diet.


There are many secrets saying regarding this valley:

It is said that if young lovers explore this valley together then it is sure that their relationship will not last long, if suppose anyone who bound together in relationship in this valley are to be together till their final breath. In this regards no evidence could be produce as everyone who agrees with this saying remains to be unknown but they did agreed to this statement.

There is another heart touching story and it is true story, three local youths decided to go to the valley, so they reached the valley it was the December the season of coldness, in this season ice would be formed in the entire valley along with the river. After those three youths has camped for the night, as time passes by the coldness started biting their flesh more and more, due to coldness the male companion died, other companions where female, one was holding the body of the male and the other was send back to village to get help, when in the morning local villages has reached the spot, the youth was dead and the girl was found holding his dead body. So in December it is a challenge for every trekker who dares to cheat death. Beautiful scenery in day time and a death killing coldness in night.

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Article Edited by : Solva Dawa Lama

Photo Credit : Jishnu Bora

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