India’s Beef Ban – Our Views

As born in 21st Century, most of the Indian’s are shocked to get the news of Beef ban. Various news about beef ban are confusing us from religious to economical. What is the main reason to ban beef in India? The Main reason is still not yet clearly shown by the government.

As per Hinduism, Cow is a tradition status as a respected creature of God. We all knows that in Ancient times India gave birth to Hinduism and later the Mughals invaded India and ruled for years and years, during those times many things were shuffled, and during those times itself Slaughter of Cattle started in India. If you go for humanity it is not necessary to kill an animal for the pleasure of stomach, until and unless there is a scarcity of food. But still maximum population had already adopted the culture to eat meat for their satisfaction. Or else there are lots of essential foods which can replace the meat for health benefits.

India holds the 5 top ranks in exporting beef to the world. So due to beef ban, lots of people working at such Industries lost their daily wages. And such working peoples are facing financial difficulties. If the Government is responsible for the ban of beef, then they should even think of how to utilize all those peoples who were earlier involved into a business which is banned now. And directly or indirectly it is related to Religious Issues. Some people are always negative and take things to negative way but we should always think positive.

India is the World’s largest Democracy. Living in a Democratic Country and expecting something to be ban is like really not happening in this Century. It still lacks proper law and order, like if you are caught eating beef in Maharashtra you may be jailed for upto 5 years, whereas for sexual harassment the term is only 3 years. We have to change our view now. Earlier peoples were like (RUIN NATURE FOR SUCCESS) Example: Cutting down trees, killing animals and selling their valuable parts (One Horned Rhino Horn), killing animals and eating. But now peoples should even change their mind and treat animals like a living being, they even have equal rights to live in this Planet. Our motto now should be (LOVE NATURE FOR SUCCESS).  Megastar Leonardo Di Caprio states that “It takes 2,400 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of meat. Only 25 gallons are needed to produce 1 pound of wheat.”

Though Beef is banned in India, some state enjoys the meat like in the North-Eastern Region and Goa. What is the reason behind it? But in some states the Government accepts “fit-for-slaughter” certificates, to be given if cattle is over 14 years of age or has become permanently incapacitated for work or breeding due to injury, deformity or any incurable disease.

Now it is our time to think How to utilize the Cows if not allowed to kill for meat? Like the Government should try to construct as much as Organic farms, so that Indians too can enjoy the organic food at cheap price. Upgrade the Dairy Market and make it globally famous and lots more can be done. So readers please share your views on Beef and let’s find out the matter properly and deeply.

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